Maritime Conference Elects New President

Paul Llewellyn has been elected as the new president of the Maritime Conference, effective April 1, 2017.

Quebec Conference Board of Directors Elects New President and Executive Secretary

Kwasi Ansah-Adu, President; Lucian Stefanescu, Executive Secretary; and Abiola Arthur, Treasurer, were elected as officers of the Quebec Conference.

Hacksaw Ridge and the Religious Nut Who Wanted to Save Just One More

The story behind the movie Hasksaw Ridge

Alberta Conference Constituents Elect a New President and Secretary/VP for Administration

Alberta Conference delegates elected Gary Hodder as president, Wayne Williams as secretary, and re-elected Keith Richter as treasurer.

Delegates at 2016 Quinquennial Session Elect Directors for SDACC Departments

SDACC department directors elected at 18th quinquennial session.

Paul Musafili Re-elected as Under-treasurer of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada at 2016 Quinquennial Session

Paul Musafili was re-elected as under-treasurer of the SDACC.

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