A Faith of Biblical Proportions


“Do the best you can as long as you can, for we pass this way but once.” —Mary Lee Mary Lee frames this universal idea into a personal motto, which ignites her straightforward approach.

St. John’s Sarah Veber inspires others


The St. John’s Seventh day Adventist church has been blessed with an active and vibrant group of youth.

Happy Birthday Richard Stagg


September 7, 2013, started out like any other sunny Sabbath morning.

Project Rebuild


On November 30, 2013, all Seventh-day Adventist members in Canada are requested to give a SPECIAL OFFERING – to assist in the REBUILDING of Adventist infrastructure affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

Ebenezer Church Hosts Health Fair


The Health Department of the Ebenezer Seventh-day Adventist church and its community outreach program hosted a health fair & expo on July 7, 2013.

Mississauga Church holds Walk!Run!Ride Community Event


The Sabbath School Community project goal for the year 2013 was realized, on Saturday, October 12.

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