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British Columbia Conference Session

On Aug. 6, 2017, the British Columbia Conference met for the 58th General Meeting

Phil Hudema Appointed New BC Education Superintendent

Phil Hudema has been appointed to serve as the new Education Superintendent for the BC Conference.

Encounter: Helping Students Know God

The Adventist Encounter Bible Curriculum encourages students to search for truth in the Bible for themselves and to be able to explain and defend their faith to others.

Maritime Conference Elects New Executive Secretary

Teresa Ferreira has been elected as the new executive secretary, education superintendent, and camp director for the Maritime Conference.

Burman University Votes New President

On Feb. 6, 2017, Dr. Loren Agrey was voted as Burman University’s 25th President.

Maritime Conference Elects New President

Paul Llewellyn has been elected as the new president of the Maritime Conference, effective April 1, 2017.

Quebec Conference Board of Directors Elects New President and Executive Secretary

Kwasi Ansah-Adu, President; Lucian Stefanescu, Executive Secretary; and Abiola Arthur, Treasurer, were elected as officers of the Quebec Conference.

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