This is the place where you can submit changes to your subscription for the Messenger. Please be aware that by submitting your subscription change here, you will be affecting the Canadian Adventist Messenger and Adventist World only. If you receive any other church magazines, you will need to contact those magazines directly.

We know that we really shouldn’t have to mention this, but please be sure that you have a complete and accurate address to give us. It makes our job a lot easier and ensures that you will receive your magazines.

If you have mailing list related issues not addressed below, please contact us.

Type of Subscription Change Requested:
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New Subscription
A new subscription should be approved by the local pastor, communications secretary or conference communications secretary.
Change of Address
A change of address can be submitted by: 1) the subscriber (the person who is moving or has moved) - preferred; 2) local church pastors; 3) local church communications secretaries; 4) conference communications secretaries.
Make Confidential
This will ensure that we will not share your mailing information with anyone, including church entities.
If you wish to cancel your subscription to all or some of the publications on our mailing list.