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Children’s Ministry Making an Impact

From one generation to another, we are bridging the gap. As we embrace and embody those with whom we REACH, we are able to shape and mould them to likewise do the same. At the most recent North American Division (NAD) Children’s Ministry training event held in Brea, Calif., many influential people came together to […]

Making Community Connections Through Cooking!

The Rest Haven church in Sidney is blessed with amazing cooks. Our Sabbath potlucks are well known and attended—vegetarian cooking at its very best. When discussing options of how to reach out to our community, cooking classes were a natural choice. In late February we held a wonderful health seminar weekend with Beverley Edwards-Haines, a […]

Adventists Offer Comfort in Wake of the Danforth Shooting

On Sunday, July 22, the nation was shocked and saddened by a mass shooting in which 29-year-old Faisal Hussain shot at random into several eateries on Toronto’s Danforth. Three people died, including the gunman, and 13 were injured. The victims included Julianna Kozis, age 10, and Reese Fallon, 18, both deceased, and Danielle Kane, 31, […]

Madoc Company Hosts Spring Dinner for Bancroft Community

On April 22, 2018, the Madoc Seventh-day Adventist Company hosted dinner for the Bancroft community. Held at the Seniors’ Club 580, the dinner was a success, serving 30 community guests. This year the Madoc company has prayerfully decided to focus its evangelistic and outreach efforts on the town of Bancroft. Located in the heart of […]

Life Groups

The Abbotsford Seventh-day Adventist Church recently started Life Groups. Life Groups are micro-communities of people with like-minded interests. Together they support one another while discovering more about their interest. In line with the mission of our church, to make disciples, Life Groups foster a healthy place for people to grow no matter where they are […]

Sherwood Park Trade Show

For the ninth year in a row, Jaroslav Sevcik has overseen a booth for the Sherwood Park Seventh-day Adventist Church at the Sherwood Park trade show. This year’s trade show took place on April 13–15, and the booth was well received in the community by the regulars who have visited before, as well as the […]

Vacation Bible School’s Transformational Power

Vacation Bible School at Westbank church in West Kelowna, B.C., in 2017 had the most successful turnout in their 40-year church history. A record turnout of 61 children, which was up by about 50 percent from last year. The camp took place July 10–14, 2017. The young attendees went on an exciting time travel adventure […]

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