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It Is Written Canada Appoints New Speaker

The Board of Directors for It Is Written Canada has appointed Michael Lemon as its new Speaker.

Foodgrains Bank members respond to devastation in Yemen

Vulnerable families in Yemen suffering from extreme hunger will receive emergency food through a new project of Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The project is led by Foodgrains Bank member ADRA Canada, and supported financially by other members and the Government of Canada. “We are devastated at the news coming out of Yemen. The people of Yemen […]

Spaghetti Fundraiser a Savoury Success

Seventy-seven-year-old Helen Croden is a going concern when it comes to helping people. She has a wealth of over 40 years’ experience using her gifts—cooking, catering, and organizational skills—mostly on a volunteer basis. Her unpaid humanitarian portfolio includes having been a sous-chef for the Salvation Army in both Rutland and Sutherland, B.C., as well as […]

Family Affairs

Evelyn and Brenda were born into an Adventist home, but because of family breakups, they eventually broke with the church too. Trying various Sunday-keeping churches, Evelyn felt uncomfortable because the day just didn’t seem right. When her atheist husband put her down for her beliefs, she quit attending any type of church, but she didn’t […]

Who Is Worthy?

This past October I had the privilege of visiting several Adventist schools in Uganda for the organization I volunteer with, FACE (Free African Children thru Education). As I met many of the orphans at these schools, I was struck by how happy they are, how eager they are to go to school, and how grateful […]

Church in the Valley Holds Free Dental Day

It’s no different than a regular trip to the dentist, except no one has to pay. Why? Well, because more than 25 dental professionals gathered at Church in the Valley in Langley, B.C., on Sunday and Monday, Nov. 4 and 5,, 2018, offering their services free of charge. “We did a free community dental day […]

Mondays With Ilah

Mondays with Ilah are like having two worship days every week—one being when we attend our local church and the other being on Mondays at Ilah’s home from 2 to 4 p.m. If you were to drive by during this time, you would find her driveway and curbside filled with cars from the ladies who […]

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