Teen Talk: God’s Will or Mine?

How do I know what God’s plan is for my life?

That’s a big question, isn’t it? It’s especially relevant and pressing if you have just transitioned from high school to whatever comes after. For a person who has no regard for God, it’s a matter of finding what they enjoy doing that will provide a reasonable income. However, if you desire to honour God with your life, the answer to the question of what you will do with your life changes completely.

Some Christians make their own plans and ask God to bless them. This is a mistake. Our responsibility is to follow God where He leads. That sounds all churchy and nice, but what does it look like? Consider this: Peter met Jesus at church, as far as we’re told in Scripture. He then invited Jesus to his home and asked Him to help his sick mother-in-law. Jesus came to Peter’s home and healed her. Not long after, Jesus found Peter working at his job of fishing. Peter had worked all night and caught nothing. Jesus told him to go out and fish some more. It made no sense to Peter, but he did it because he believed trusting Jesus was a good idea. Peter caught fish, lots of fish. Amazed, he came running to Jesus on the beach and fell at His feet. Jesus invited Peter to come and follow Him, and Peter did—a radical life-changing decision.

Now let’s recap. Peter met Jesus in church. Had Peter not gone to church that Sabbath, would he have met Jesus? Secondly, Peter invited Jesus home. This was a bold and courageous thing to do, but Peter did it. He also asked for Jesus’ help with his sick mother-in-law, and Jesus healed her. Let me make it as simple and practical as I know how:

Peter knew he should be in church, and he was there. Peter felt impressed to invite Jesus home and ask for His help. Peter obeyed when Jesus sent him back fishing. Peter followed when Jesus invited him to. The bottom line is to be as faithful to Jesus as you know how and go wherever He leads, no matter how simple, small or seemingly crazy His instructions may be. God has a plan for you that is glorious, but every journey begins with the first step. Take the little steps, be faithful to what you know and be ready for the ride of your life! If you follow, He will lead.

Dan Wilson is the pastor of churches in Fox Point, N. S. and Halifax,m N.S.