A team for new challenges

Two other executive officers were re-elected during the session. Pastor Dragan Stojanovic returned as Secretary, in charge of administration; and John Ramsay, as treasurer, in charge of all aspects of our finances. Pastor Stojanovic, who replaced Elder Nilton Amorim, who retired in December 2010; comes from the Quebec Conference, where he spent 3 ½ years working as conference president. John Ramsay, raised in Manitoba, has a long commitment with SDA institutions. He has worked 27 years in treasury positions with healthcare, publishing, conference, and union conference organizations. The picture includes all three officers with their wives: From left to right we have: Dragan and Slavi Stojanovic, Mark and Becky Johnson, and John and Lucile Ramsay. We pray that the Lord will bless, guide and lead them as they dedicate their lives to helping the church in Canada continue it’s mission of spreading God’s word with power and in unity.