ADRA at Work in Japan

Working closely with the local government, ADRA Japan is preparing for the management of displacement centres caring for some of the more than 370,000 children, women, and men who were evacuated from their homes that were washed away or damaged. Local authorities have provided ADRA Japan a place to do hot meal distribution at an evacuation centre in Sendai City. Traditional miso soup is being distributed to hundreds of people. For evacuees staying at the centre, it was the very first hot meal since the earthquake.

“On Friday when the earthquake occurred, we came to this evacuation centre. There were no blankets at the time though it was very cold, so we sat together to keep ourselves warm. I am so happy to have miso soup today, because it is the very first hot meal we have had since the earthquake. We only get meals twice a day, so it is very nice to have a hot meal like this,” commented one girl.

Victims of the earthquake are volunteering with the preparation and distribution of miso soup at the centre.

While responding to the pressing needs of the moment, ADRA Japan is already anticipating that the response will change in the weeks and months to come as immediate relief moves into long-term rehabilitation.

In Japan itself ADRA is receiving generous donations of both cash and relief items. Approximately $62,000 was received from the famous artist group “DREAMS COME TRUE”. Donations are being given to ADRA Canada, ADRA International in the US, and the ADRA offices in Europe, Asia and the Pacific. Your donations will join all these others to provide help and hope to those affected.

While well-intentioned actions are so appreciated, we are asking that supporters NOT send aid supplies at this time, as it will cause even worse chaos on the ground. Also, do not rush to volunteer at this time. Additional people on the ground at this point would actually slow relief efforts down. We will advertise in the future any need for volunteer help.