Biblical Research Institute working for the unity of the church

Elder Rex Edwards, a native of New Zealand and doctor of theology from Andrews University, has been working for the Seventh-day Adventist Church on three continents (Australia, Europe and North America). He spent time at Columbia Union College and served as the vice-president of Griggs University. He is also well known for his contribution to the PREACH program, helping pastors to share the Good News of salvation to ministers of other denominations. As a well-known specialist of ecclesiology, he gave a powerful presentation during the Ontario Campmeeting about our identity, and our involvement in God’s project for his church. The clarity, precision, and a strong biblical foundation in his sermon made a tremendous impact on the audience. He helped many members to better understand the concept of the church and God’s vision for our mission. We wish him an abundance of blessings in his ministry and the heavenly protection for him and his wife as well as their three children: Janelle, Paul, and Shane and their families.