Breaking News: NAD Year-End Meetings Reinstate E-60

Sunday, November 7, 2010  (Silver Spring, MD, USA)
Press Release from North American Division, Communications Director:

At the 2009 North American Division Year-end Meeting, members voted to rescind “E 60 Conference/Mission President” for more consideration on its language and present it on the agenda for the 2010 Year-end Meeting.

At the 2010 North American Division Year-end Meeting on November 7, at the General Conference Headquarters, it was voted for E 60 to have the following language:

E 60 Conference/Mission President – Inasmuch as the conference/mission president stands at the head of the ministry in the conference/mission and is the chief elder, or overseer of all the churches, a conference/mission president should be an ordained/commissioned minister.

This is an issue of equality and opportunity for all leaders who hold the commissioned minister credentials.

In light of the above action, the members of the 2010 North American Division Year-end Meeting are requesting for the General Conference’s Administrative Committee (GC ADCOM) to grant a variance to the model constitution to accommodate the unique needs of the North American Division with the insertion of “conference/mission president should be an ordained/commissioned minister” in its policy language.