Connecting, Equipping, and Producing

The first French International SDA Youth Convention was organized in June 2011 at the ‘Palais des Congres’, one of the best convention centers in Montreal. Pastor Hebert Valiame, Quebec Conference Youth Director, welcomed young people coming not only from Quebec, but also from other parts of Canada, the US, France, Tahiti, Switzerland, and many other French speaking countries of the world. Other SDA institutions agreed to support this event; Pastors Cyril Millett, Ontario Conference Youth Director and liaison for the SDACC youth ministry, and Chris Blake, NAD Youth Director, came to Montreal where they helped the audience stay connected with God and to be trained for service. The conference worked to produce good material in French, facilitating the involvement of everybody in evangelism. The sermon of the GC Youth leader, Pastor Gilbert Cangy, allowed to the young generation to ask the right questions and to receive answers inspired by the Word of God. All seminars, outreach activities, music, and shared experiences contributed to the overall quality of the convention. We congratulate the Quebec Conference leadership for organizing such an important meeting, and we hope that it is a beginning of a long journey for the coming generation of French speaking youth, a journey of commitment, service, and joy. (D.S.)