Creating the Future

News June 30, 2011

Dr. Paul Brantley, Vice-President of the North-American Division for Strategic planning, was accompanied by his wife Lenore, and spent two days in Oshawa (June 14 and 15, 2011), assisting the Canadian entity leaders to develop a vision for the future of God’s work in Canada. All the ministries and institutions, as well as the elected staff of the Church in Canada discussed preparation of a five year plan and how to motivate church members to achieve important actions essential to church growth. Dr. Brantley, PhD in Education and specialist in the process of evaluating, shares his rich experiences from such places as the General Conference, Andrews University, and the Adventist Health System. In addition, the SDACC officers spent quality time with Dr. Brantley gleaning from him how to develop a detailed and well organized approach to visioning, along with a highly spiritual concept of excellence. (D.S.)