Election of the SDACC President, Mark Johnson

News January 16, 2012

The constituency of the SDACC re-elected Pastor Mark Johnson as President for the next five year term. After serving as President in Alberta and as Secretary in British Columbia, he came in 2010 to Oshawa following the appointment of Elder Dan Jackson to the position of the NAD President. Pastor Johnson is appreciated for his openness, availability to church members, ability to listen, and a strong vision for evangelism. His vast experience in so many aspects of God’s work in Canada, US, and also in the mission field, as well as his desire to see the involvement of the youth in all levels of church leadership will certainly be a blessing for the Seventh-day Adventist church. We wish him success in his ministry and will continue to pray for the Holy Spirit who will transform all challenges into a tremendous demonstration of his power and his love.