Food for Body and Soul

The Cawston/Keremeos church in southern British Columbia is providing food for both the soul and the body to the towns in its surrounding area. While the VOAR Christian radio station, which began rebroadcasting in the area in December 2010, is reaching the residents of Cawston and Keremeos, the church-operated food bank reaches out to the additional towns of Ashnola, Hedley, Olalla and Chopaka. In 2010, 950 food hampers helped 249 adults and 62 children. Currently, more than 1000 pounds of food are being distributed monthly, with clients receiving enough food to last them for approximately five days.

With a small but growing membership of 28, the Cawston/Keremeos church has been a light to the community since 1982. While their mission has always been to supply food, clothing and household needs based on emergency criteria, in 2007 the needs increased significantly so, with ADRA funding, they rented a space in downtown Keremeos. Then, in 2009, the food bank moved back to the church and saw an increase of 30 to 40 clients per month. In 2010, the needs have more than doubled, with an average of 70 to 100 clients coming for help every month.

God is bountifully supplying the funds with private financial donations and support from Valley First Credit Union. In addition, the food bank is now a member of Food Banks BC and will be among the 100 food banks in BC that will receive assistance. This is great news for the Cawston/Keremeos church members because it allows them to continue to share God’s love in a practical way.

–by Linda Wilkinson, member