Fort Saskatchewan Church Plant to Apply for Company Status

After four years of ongoing mission work, the church family in Fort Saskatchewan is happy to announce that they have reached the numerical point of applying for church company status. Including children, approximately 40 people are attending each Sabbath.

The Fort Saskatchewan church plant project was an ambitious endeavour by the Alberta Conference four years ago to place a Bible worker and pastor in the area to begin the process of establishing a Seventh-day Adventist church presence.

The work began with door-to-door canvassing to generate Bible study interests, which developed into initiating a variety of felt-need community outreach programs. After the first year, a venue was established to begin holding church services, and the congregation has been growing ever since. Darrell Beaudoin, local church pastor, says, “Through our ongoing outreach programs we have had 30 to 40 guests frequent our church services, and we look forward to the day when we can see more accessions as a result.” There have been several baptisms from their mission work in Fort Saskatchewan with more underway.