In today’s society, we all busily work from day to day completing various tasks we must accomplish. But do we take the time to pause from this chaotic world and realize that there are many in need of the gospel? If we are to spread the great news around all the world, what does it mean to “Ignite?” Through a spiritual retreat on Jan. 19–21, the Durham Fil-Can Seventh-day Adventist Church answered some questions together with Chris Holland. Throughout this empowering weekend, we felt God calling us to open our minds and hearts to His Word and learned what it meant to “burn” in our souls for Christ.

Over the course of this weekend, various activities were prepared to emphasize the need for family unity, since ministry begins within the home. Through teambuilding activities and multiple reflection periods, lessons were learned and discussed among the members. A powerful family exercise we engaged in was a discussion involving three topics: the family’s happiest moments, the challenges they had overcome, and expressing encouragement toward each family member. The opportunity to reflect on the blessings and challenges seemed easy for many, but the last discussion seemed daunting. We realized that we developed a negative sense of “comfortability” toward our family, and as a result, disagreements circulate, thereby affecting the family, but it should be different. This became a touching experience for many because it was an opportunity to reflect on how the bonds could be strengthened and how the Holy Spirit would work to help us draw others to Him.

Chris Holland’s Sabbath sermon during the series was entitled “Burning Love.” The marriage relationship became the central theme, and four statements were highlighted: “Marriage is not for selfish people”; “Marriage is for helpers”; “Marriage is not for ‘compromisers’”; and “Marriage is for ‘growing people.’” Pastor Holland conveyed that without a foundation, relationships would gain a great magnitude of “unhealthiness.” But to re-establish our foundation, we need to be willing to have Him work in our lives so that our homes would emanate God’s light to those within our communities. Ellen G

. White says we have become Christ’s by faith. To grow, you must give all—”your heart, your will, your service.” You “must take all—Christ, the fullness of all blessing, to abide in your heart, to be your strength, your righteousness, your everlasting helper—to give you power to obey.”[1]

Therefore, reflecting who Christ is in our lives is the greatest ministry that we as a family can do to draw others near to Him.

Spreading God’s Word as swift as a wildfire be done only if we unite in Christ. Therefore, to “ignite” is to begin a spiritual occurrence that will eventually result in a great multitude of believers in Christ. Seeking God’s leading in our lives may result in an unpredictable path, but with Christ, He will give you “the desire and the power to do what pleases him” (Phil 2:13, NLT), and by His grace, we will be able to draw everyone to His glory.

[1] Steps to Christ: How to Know Him Better. Maryland: Review and Herald Publishing Association, 47.