New Seventh-day Adventist Church

News September 13, 2018

May 26, 2018 proved to be a very bright and happy Sabbath at Rosthern, Sask. That was the day our new church building was officially opened.

Local members, former Rosthern members and pastors, community friends, and friends from every direction came to fill the new building to capacity.

The Rosthern mayor and various pastors from other Rosthern congregations paid tribute to us and recognized our church as a light in the community.

Pastor Jeff Potts’ vibrant address reinforced the importance of our Christian walk.

We hope that many more who read this will come on any other Sabbath and worship with us in our new Rosthern Seventh-day Adventist Church at 1400 – 4th Avenue in Rosthern.

The Rosthern Christian School Bell Choir performing for the grand opening


The Rosthern Christian School Choir Singing


Pastor Jeff Potts demonstrating that the gospel needs to be presented in a “palatable way” to those around us


Mayor Dennis Helmuth addressing the congregation
Many clergy from the surrounding area came to offer support and prayers of blessing in our new building