Ontario Campmeeting Attendance

News August 30, 2011

A large number of Seventh-day Adventists attended the Ontario Conference Campmeeting in Mississauga this past July 9, 2011. The International Convention Center in Mississauga has been the traditional gathering place for many years. What you see in this picture is half of the audience in the main auditorium. If the official estimate is correct, that there were more than 9,000 people in attendance. Therefore, we would all agree that another location would certainly give the opportunity for everybody to spend more time together, and to really enjoy the fellowship without the challenge of parking and other contingencies. This is why the decision of the Ontario Conference Board of Directors to purchase land in Oshawa and to build a facility adapted for such large gatherings is very valuable. The potential for all members (more than 28,000 in Ontario) to attend campmeeting and the possibility of it lasting for one week, creates an excellent perspective for future activities. As far as we understand, the plans are, that this dream will hopefully become a reality by 2014.