Session Set to Begin

After months of intense preparation, the administration of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada is set to welcome delegates and guests from across the country to the quinquennial session to convene today in Oshawa, Ontario.

Once every five years, the national headquarters of the church, as required by its constitution and bylaws, calls to order this session to review the work that has been completed and to look forward to the years to come. By a democratic process, conference administrators and members of the church at large are appointed as delegates who then attend the session to represent their church. They will consider many matters of business, perhaps the most significant of which is the election of the board of directors, church officers and directors or church departments and ministries.

This year, the session is being held at the College Park Adventist Church which is on the same property as the national headquarters in Oshawa. Delegates and guests will enjoy a concert this evening and worship during the Sabbath hours tomorrow before tackling their business function.

At the moment, final preparations are hurriedly being made. Registration opens at 2:30 this afternoon with the official opening of the session and first meeting to begin at 4:30.