Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada Elects Leadership for Next Quinquennium

Oshawa, Ont. — One hundred and fifty-nine delegates from across the country, representing the diverse membership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada (SDACC), gathered virtually on Sunday, Sept. 11, for the SDACC’s 19th Quinquennial Session.

News September 20, 2022

Oshawa, Ont. — One hundred and fifty-nine delegates from across the country, representing the diverse membership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada (SDACC), gathered virtually on Sunday, Sept. 11, for the SDACC’s 19th Quinquennial Session. This constituency meeting is called for the purpose of receiving reports for the past term, the election of officers, the election of the Board of Directors, consideration of proposed changes in the Bylaws that may be recommended, and the transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting at that time. It was postponed from 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions at that time.

The meeting convened at 9 a.m. EDT. Delegates were greeted in English by Mark Johnson, with translation into French by Evaldo Vicente. After the singing of the national anthem, prayers were offered in English by Rose Jacinto, SDACC undertreasurer, and in French by Paul Musafili, SDACC treasurer. The president of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (NAD), G. Alexander Bryant, shared a devotional thought, after which quorum for the Session was declared and business for the day began.

The process for electing officers and the Board of Directors requires that an Organizing Committee be appointed, comprising 21 delegates selected from among those present. Bryant chaired the meeting of this committee, which in turn appointed the Nominating Committee, comprising 29 delegates also selected from among those present. It was the work of the nominating committee, whose meetings throughout the day were also chaired by Bryant, to present nominations for president, executive secretary, treasurer, and Board of Directors. While the nominating committee deliberated in private, delegates in the main meeting received reports by the president, executive secretary, and treasurer.

Paul Llewellyn, President

Early in the afternoon, Bryant returned to the main session with the first report of the nominating committee, which recommended the election of Paul Llewellyn as president of the SDACC for the next five-year term. The motion passed with a 76 percent vote. Llewellyn, who had been the SDACC executive secretary since January 2020, has a strong background of both teaching in Adventist education and working with the youth and young adults of our church. He has served as educator, pastor, camp director, conference secretary, and conference president.

Cyril Millett, Executive Secretary

To fill the position of executive secretary, the nominating committee recommended, and session delegates voted in Cyril Millett III, currently pastor and education director at the Bermuda Conference, with an 84 percent vote. Millett, former Bermuda and Ontario Conference youth director, also brings large experience in working with youth.

Paul Musafili, Treasurer

Upon recommendation of the nominating committee, delegates at the session voted the re-election of treasurer Paul Musafili, with a 95 percent vote. Musafili, who has served in that capacity since 2019, is appreciated as a faithful steward of the church’s resources and a visionary treasurer with a passion for outreach.

Both Llewellyn and Bryant expressed gratitude and appreciation to Mark Johnson, outgoing SDACC president, for his leadership and service for the church. Johnson, who has dedicated over 50 years of his life to ministry, is the SDACC’s longest-tenured president and has led with passion and unwavering commitment. We solicit your prayers as Elder Johnson and his wife, Becky, move on to a new phase of their ministry.

The meeting proceeded with the election of a new board of directors and votes on bylaw items. It was adjourned with prayer at 6 p.m., after lively discussion had taken place about creating a strategy for social media outreach in the church.

As the SDACC leadership begins a new term, we appeal for your continued prayers. We believe Jesus is the true head of the church and He keeps it under the shadow of His wings. We need to pray our leaders up, and work together as equally important members of the body of Christ, that we may see the growth of God’s kingdom and His soon return.

Evaldo Vicente

Director, Office of Communication

Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada