Sherwood Park Trade Show

For the ninth year in a row, Jaroslav Sevcik has overseen a booth for the Sherwood Park Seventh-day Adventist Church at the Sherwood Park trade show. This year’s trade show took place on April 13–15, and the booth was well received in the community by the regulars who have visited before, as well as the new faces.

Messages of hope, resources for different ministries offered in the area, encouragement, and many free books, as well as Bibles, have been given out to the community. It is through the dedication of church members, such as the two young people pictured above, that this event continues yearly and has been able to bless the community and serve as a light to those who are looking for hope in the midst of their struggle.

Members of the community who have seen the booth before are delighted to receive more books and resources, and Jaroslav looks forward to helping coordinate many more visits to the annual trade show.