Speak Life

News April 25, 2018

After taking a one-year break from having the annual teen youth rally at Foothills Camp, it was time to bring it back to Foothills. On Feb. 2, 2018, cars and buses started to pull into the parking lot at Foothills camp.

Many familiar faces showed up eager to meet other youth from across Alberta they had not seen for several months.

You could hear that the inside of the lodge was bustling with people. You could feel the energy and excitement of teens excited for the weekend event.

The theme for the weekend was “Revive.” When you think about the word revive, you may think of something that was struggling to live being brought back to life. And that’s exactly what our guest speaker, John Scott, did. Some of the youth had been struggling to live, struggling with personal issues such as identity, self-worth, and depression! Pastor John revived them and brought them back to life spiritually by speaking life to them.

John Scott, the Ontario Conference youth director, shared uplifting and motiving messages that focused on Christ and the Bible.

One young person commented, “I love teen youth rally because I love that I get to meet up with my all friends from Calgary whom I haven’t seen and also hearing great sermons and amazing praise music.”

As the weekend came to a close, and as the last “selfies” were uploaded to social media, many looked forward to next year’s teen youth rally with anticipation. In spite of the snowy cold temperatures, that weekend the Alberta Conference teens were revived, spiritually refreshed, and ready to return to home full of life.