The Session in Newfoundland a Spiritual Event

Elder Ken Corkum, elected in September 2010 as the new president of the Newfoundland conference, promoted the idea of having administration integrated into the spiritual activities. This concept was real a blessing for everyone involved. Starting with Friday evening and continuing until Sunday afternoon, music, Biblical messages, experiences, prayers, and encouragements supported the idea that there is no separation between administration and spirituality. Furthermore, the spiritual emphasis provided the right tone for the work of all. This is why the contribution of the guest-speaker, Dr. Ron du Prez, from Andrews University, was so crucial. His presentations of the Old Testament biographies allowed the audience to understand better the plan of God for his children and to see the incredible grace of God working tirelessly for the salvation of souls. Without the doubt, the visit of Dr. Du Prez and his wife Linda furnished a flavour for the summer activities. Do not hesitate to visit Newfoundland camp meeting this coming summer. You will be delighted. (D.S.)