Voice of Prophecy in Canada

Fred Kinsey, the main speaker of the Voice of Prophecy who replaced Elder Lonnie Melashenko for this important radio ministry, came to the province of Saskatchewan and presented a strong spiritual message which was inspired by the book of Revelation. Kinsey showed how to discover key lessons from this book with a special focus on the end-time events. It was a blessing to join him in this important journey, studying important aspects of the Christian experience. Elder Kinsey shared his capacity to dig deep in order to understand every word and to avoid a superficial analysis. Instead of using the methodology of ‘proof texts’, jumping from one text to another, he helped his listeners develop the ability to examine each text for itself, and then to make a thoughtful synthesis of the truth for our time. We wish rich blessings on his ministry, and for the effective preparation for a new series of radio programs based on the Book of Revelation. (D.S.)