Water, Spirit, and the Word

Every pastor dreams about baptismal ceremonies. The reason is simple: every pastor wants to follow God’s command, and he or she wants to see God’s power in the lives of all those around him. All pastors want to see all those around them choosing the direction of eternity. There is no other ceremony that displays the same perspective: a new beginning for a Christian. The hand raised over the head evokes the emergence of the Holy Spirit; the symbol of water is a reminder that God washes one’s past and gives one forgiveness and freedom from sin; and the exit from the water represents the inauguration of an abundant life in Christ. This is the summary of the message presented by a young Pastor Lucian Poama. Passionately, he shared his delight in studying the Bible with his candidates and his enthusiasm for the Word of God which gives a new vision to so many people. May the Lord abundantly bless his ministry at the Henderson Highway SDA Church in the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference. (D.S.)