A New Step for the Newfoundland Mission

The delegates of all the SDA churches in Newfoundland and Labrador gathered together during the first weekend in June to receive reports for the past four years of activities, elect the Board and the Departmental Directors, and to contribute to the completion of the vision for the years to come. An excellent spirit was evident during all the meetings. In addition to their regular work, the delegates accepted to have their sessions every five years, which is new among conferences, but is very necessary. In fact, a mission field should always proceed the session on the union level, consequently the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada. We need to acknowledge that the quinquennial term is becoming more and more common across the North American Division, and thus we need to help institutions to work in stability, and avoid frequent election times. The constituency recommended the new Newfoundland bylaws to the SDACC session, including the new vote of the NAD for the Conference/Mission Presidents. Also, in November 2010, the NAD Executive Committee voted that the Conference/Mission Presidents should be ordained/commissioned ministers. This new provision allows the delegates to choose the new president from among pastors, as it was previously done, but also the choices can now include women working as pastors, teachers and treasurers, all those with the credentials of the Commissioned Minister. (D.S.)