Carmelle Bussey: Legal ‘reinforcement’

The legal department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada traditionally receives a valuable contribution through the services of students involved in studies at law schools. This occurs during their summer vacation. A formula of internship allows our legal counsel, Grace Mackintosh, to move forward on some very important aspects of the work, especially through a detailed research of pertinent and urgent subjects, that can be very time consuming. It also gives opportunity for law students to be involved in the work of the church and the legal issues related to the religious environment. Since the beginning of summer, we have enjoyed the presence of Carmelle Bussey. Her commitment to work, her excellent level of adaptability and ready smile, are all contributing to making her time with us a valuable asset to the work here at the SDACC. To say in the jargon of the law: assentio mentium, which means: when both sides agree. We are pleased to have Carmelle as part of our staff. (D.S.)